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Born in 1979 in Succivo (Caserta), graduated in Philosophy at Federico II University of Napoli. He started to make short films when he was twenty and never stop to do it, thanks to a deep passion for cinema. In 2015 began his career as high school teacher, since then he teaches cinematographic language in a suburban context.
He has made several workshop and collaborates with the University of Turin and University of Naples. From the past year, he is creating corporate contents for Bompiani publisher.


  • 2019 Documentary “Gloria” (work in progress), Director and Screenwriter
  • 2017 Feature Film “L’ultima notte dell’anno”, Screenwriter
  • 2014 Short Film “Svanire”, Director and Screenwriter
  • 2012 Short Film “Emilio”, Director and Screenwriter
  • 2011 Short Film “Corti”, Director and Screenwriter
  • 2010 Short Film “DisAbili”, Director


Artemide Alfieri, born in 1988, is a freelance film editor and documentary filmmaker. She obtained a degree in editing from the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome, under the supervision of Roberto Perpignani. In 2015 she won a fully-expensed workshop at Escape Studios in London and one more in 2017 with Armani Group. La Carovana Bianca is her first project as co-director.


  • 2019 Documentary “Gloria” (work in progress), Editor
  • 2019 Feature Film “Voyage to Procida”, Editor
  • 2018 Short Film “A Jacket”, Editor
  • 2017 Medium-Lenght Film “Flying Roots”, Editor
  • 2015 Short Film “Pompei Eternal Emotion”, Editor
  • 2014 Short Film “La Tana”, Editor
  • 2013 Short Film “Cosmic Anxiety”, Editor
  • 2013 Short Film “I know you hear me”, Editor
  • 2013 Short Film “Land”, Editor